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        Fujian Huatai Group Limited by Share Ltd is a famous production enterprise group in China's building and building materials industry. It is a national level building material and new product research and development partner. Its strength is strong and has a long history.


        Since the founding of new Chinese, Fujian Huatai Group is committed to a number of areas of the building materials industry, including stone, ceramic tile, clay materials and new energy development and utilization, its famous brand has Huatai stone, ceramic tile, porcelain Huahong Silk Road code, TOB and other world-famous brand building materials, and has been for Chinese the world building industry, to provide the best quality products and services, comprehensive building materials, engineering construction and professional guidance.

        Fujian Huatai Group to participate in many famous projects, Dubai Racecourse from the Great Hall of the people Chinese within the territory of the Central Military Commission office building to overseas, from the early days to the new century, the extension of space, time change, Huatai Group growth history in a building, highlighting the vitality in the era of flourishing technology track, excellent quality and excellent service to Huatai Group Building Materials Co composes a beautiful piece of music!

        Fujian Huatai Group has been promoting the development of China's building and building materials industry for many times, adhering to the management philosophy of diligence, dedication, integrity and innovation and adapting to the trend of the times.

        In 80s, Huatai Group took the lead in introducing the scientific and technological production equipment of building stone and the process of scientific production management, which effectively promoted the development of building stone.

        In 90s, Huatai Group took the lead in building a modern full automatic ceramic tile production line, which effectively promoted the development of traditional ceramic production technology to the automation of science and technology.

        In the early twentieth Century, Huatai Group first introduced the European wide body roller kiln production process and dry press molding technology, greatly improving the production efficiency and finished product rate of building ceramics, and promoting the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of building ceramics industry.

        In twenty-first Century, Huatai Group established the first national building ceramic plate curtain wall technology research and development center, Italy took the lead in the introduction of wet vacuum extrusion molding equipment and the world's leading electronic temperature control wide body roller kiln, the world's first infrared microwave drying with five layers of roller kiln drying and recycling Production line, the world's first eight color clay formula, built and put into use in building the world's longest ceramic plate curtain wall, the largest capacity of the production line, the first plan to build the world's largest production base for ceramic plate.

        Relying on its strong technical strength and economic strength, Huatai Group has become a partner in the major research projects of People's Republic of China urban and rural construction department and the Ministry of science and technology. It has built a national demonstration production line and a state-level new energy technology research and development center in Quanzhou, China.

      Diligence, dedication, honesty and innovation.

        In twenty-first Century, Huatai inherits the characteristics of diligence, dedication, integrity and innovation, constantly surpassing itself and innovating constantly, contributing continually to the cause of human settlement in China and even the whole world.…………